Thursday, November 24, 2011

Memories and me

I often wonder why,
good memories make me cry.

Like raindrops lost in time,
frozen tears with little shine.

Salty lips of bitter taste.
This is where it comes and rests

With a prancing of the tongue,
I hold it back before its sung.

As it trickles down my heart,
until death do us apart.

I hope I never die
good memories make me cry.


Merry!!! a rainbow sings,

As a drop of red trickled down,
my blue eyes pranced upon

and ripped its fragile wings

I looked away, not to see

Help! It made a sound,
still writhing on the ground

Pick me up and set me free

I placed it on the window sill

I prayed so my sins absolve
the the fairies heard my call

And the rainbow flew atop the hill