Monday, March 21, 2016

Ode to Einstein

Underneath the fabric of spacetime
two wholes came to be one,
leaving wrinkles and ripples. 
I have waited a billion years
to hear her breathe.
I listen at other times
for signs of a cat in a box.

Strands of struggle

 As I stood up to leave
frayed threads of delicate weave,
caught in the hands of time
hurled me across decades
to places I had been before.
Only now, it seemed like a chore.
Only now, smeared in sepia,
like the coffee stained receipts
left behind in empty seats,
I drifted aimlessly in the draft.
If only, strands could be untangled,
clocks unwound and reset
I would! I would forget
what it is like to be forgotten.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


She fills the void between I and You.
When I leave them unattended
for months and years and
then a few.
With words we had left unsaid.

Monday, September 1, 2014


She had just left.
The lock, still trembling
like the hand
of a clock, stuck in time.
Or was it mine? 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Executioner's Eulogy

"He was a heartless man,
they say, his life a lie
death is a messy business.
they don' realize. 
having lived his life 
making death readily accesible
his death was rather peaceful
He didn't 'pass way' so to say
There was no transition
He died with his boots on
His parting words:
'Peace is the last thing you would want'"

The Fine Print

don't write much,
one, not more.
I have a habit
of reading, 


your lines.

which one?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Table for two

It was my handiwork.
I had wedged a pencil
into my corner of the table.
The ugly sunmica gaped
like an alligator and I would
close its jaw whenever 
an unwary ant would enter 
looking for scattered morsels.
I enjoyed playing God, 
taking life out of them.

Sometimes, I could hear
Father's footsteps arriving
and his fragmented, bent
shadow on the floor.
My heart would skip 
a thousand beats,
as I would swiftly 
hide the pencil and
at other times I couldn't.
Most days he would just
smile, but sometimes
he would ruffle my hair too.
And on those days I wondered,
why He had never repaired 
our crumbling ant infested table
in all these years?